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How to get started with Klassly ?

How to get started with Klassly ?

So you decided to give it a try and join the thousands of teachers in over 40 countries who trust us for their daily school-home communication,
We are so happy you're here

You will never be alone in this adventure, our team will always be here for you !

Step by step :
1 - Open an account on Klassly.
2 - Create a class
3 - Ask families to sign the image consent form, where they authorize posting of picture, videos, homework and agree never to share outside of klassly to respect every other childs' privacy.
4 - Invite Families to join your class
5 - Start posting and actively sharing with families on the timeline to engage with your classroom community.

If you or families have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out, you will find answers :
- In Klassroom's FAQs
- by contacting our support team always here to help

Updated on: 07/27/2021

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