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How do I create an account on Klassly ?

How do I create an account on Klassly ?

You can create your account on the Web or directly on the app available on the Apple store and Google play store.

Opening an account is similar on the Web app or Mobile App.

You are asked to select your country area code, and enter your phone number.

Your cell phone number will be your log-in identifier, it will not be visible to any other members on klassly or ever shared rented or sold by the klassroom company.

Why am I asked to authorize the collecting of personal sensitive data?
Don't Worry! We must ask for your authorization because there are chat boxes in the app, where members and teachers can communicate openly and can share information about students. The moment you share information via the app, it is considered "collected" because it is processed through the app, but we never use, share, rent or extract any of this data, it stays completely private between those included in the conversation.
For more information feel free to check out our article on this topic : Data usage authorization

Then, You will receive a 6 number code by Text message to confirm your phone number. Enter the code and confirm!

Fill out the rest of the information, name, class, etc and validate all the information. You must open an account before creating or joining a class. This is always free, if you are interrested in specific subscriptions, you can add them later in your account or class settings.
CONGRATS ! You just Opened a free Klassly account !

Updated on: 04/13/2021

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