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Can there be multiple teachers in a class?

Can there be multiple teachers in a class on Klassly ?

You can have as many teachers involved in your virtual class space on Klassly to interact with families, as you have in your physical classroom. Head teachers, assistants, specialists, counselors...

Each educator participating in the class should create an account and request to join the Klassly class as a teacher.
Here is a little tutorial on how to join the class

Once the teacher who created the class (the administrator) accepts this other teacher into the klassly class, they have access and the status of contributor. The admin teacher can change this status if need be, if a teacher is just joining as an observer, for comments or doesn't need access to the chat or posting in the timeline.

You'll find more details in our article on how to edit a members status.

Klassly tip : When a parent member informs you of an absence or tardiness through the "contact the teacher" feature, the message is automatically sent to the administrator of the class, however we suggest asking parents to include other teachers too. When they send you a message they can choose one or several recipients of their message, and it helps other teachers to manage attendance to be informed of these things.

Updated on: 07/02/2021

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