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5 tips for a successful class on KLASSLY

Creating a class on Klassly is easy and only takes a few seconds.
Once that's done, in order for this to create a two way street for communication you need to get your students family members on board!
Here are 5 tips for a successful class:

1) Use the app in your academic projects

You've probably already considered how this app can be a great tool to enhance your academic projects, communications simplified with families to keep track of progress in school and what is currently being studied, a photo album to share memories and childrens' expression and beautiful work. There are millions of ways to benefit from a space like klassly for your school community. The more precise your goals the better you'll be able to get the most out of the app. And the better you'll be able to have all families on your side for your projects.

2) Be confident when you invite parents to join you on the platform!

It's very important that a parent or guardian of each of your students joins your class on Klassly in order to have a successful class.
Start by explaining that Klassly is your primary way to contact and communicate with families, and that joining the app is mandatory and free.

Reassure families, the app is safe and secure. No information is shared by the company or ever leaked or monetized. Information shared through the app will remain private.

Please share the Photo authorization consent form as one of your first posts (on our website) so families can sign and vouch never to share pictures or documents outside of the class, as well as authorize or not pictures of their child being shared on the timeline.

Explain the app is very easy to use. If you can, during a beginning of the year PTC or welcome night, show how the app is accessible by visiting it in class or having it open on the smart-board or projector.
You can even show the demo class so they can have a sense of what an active class feels like.

When they take that step forward and use Klassly, they are getting involved in their children’s growth and creating a stronger and more unified support system for them by connecting with you, the teacher!
Parents love knowing they are doing their part to enable their child to be successful.

3) Forward the Parents the invitation letter we sent you and send reminders.

When you open and account and create a class as a teacher we send you a letter with your class key and a QR code to invite parents to join the class.
If you don't see it, check your spam box.
send this letter to all your aprents by email. You can also invite them form within the app by clicking on the "invite parents" button.

If all parents aren't joining, don't hesitate to send a reminder.

4) Create an active class.

The more you post and share engaging content, the better. Parents love pictures, they love practical information and they love to feel like this tool is useful.
You can post a few pictures, a post about you, introducing your goals and teaching style or academic perspective and intentions, your behavior contract, your classroom behavior and homework expectations... Even before family members join.

Ideally you'll post several times a week. Parents love knowing what their kids are up to at school, especially since that answer is rarely answered with much detail. If you still don't have everyone joining, word to mouth will get to them eventually and they will see the benefits.
We've heard many teachers share stories about latecomers who truly benefited from the app, so don't despair.

5) Share your experience on Klassly with your coworkers

When an entire school uses klassly, the participation rate is even better.
For families who have several students in the school, this makes communication more consistent.
Additionally we offer a management platform for schools to access every class on klassly through the "[KLASSBOARD](". So principals and super-intendants can see attendance stats, responses, they can access every class to broadcast messages or contact any family member or teacher in the school.

You can check out all our FAQs on the Klassboard

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Updated on: 04/16/2021

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