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How do families/parents join the class ?

How do families/parents join the class ?

To use klassly with your classroom community you simply need to :
- Download the Klassly App,
- Open a free account and create a class,
- You'll automatically receive a "parent invitation letter" by email with step by step instructions. We recommend distributing the letter either by printing and handing it out or by email, this will guide families, parents, guardians, to join the class and become active participants.
(If you do not want to send the letter, you can also invite parents directly from the app, click "invite parents" and you'll be prompted to enter their email adress, they will then receive an email guiding them to join)
- The last step is accepting requests to join the class.
Double check that those requesting to join the class are the concerned legal guardians and parents for each childs' safety.

Important : When you decide to use Klassly, for it to work you have to clearly communicate how IMPORTANT it is for every parent to join! Make sure you explain this will be a privileged platform for communicating back and forth between school and home. Communication is a two way street and can only work if they agree to it, the app will simplify working together.

If a parent or family member is having a problem login on, please redirect them to us, either by email ( or on the chat box at the bottom of this page. We will be happy to help them!

Updated on: 07/22/2021

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