What is the difference between adding a pin and a bookmark to a post?

A pinned post will appear at the top of your timeline at all times. It is the first post members will see when arriving on the timeline.
From the teachers perspective you have a box at the top of your timeline that states "You have ... pinned posts" and you can click to see which posts these are.
It can be important information you want to keep accessible for the entire school year or for a season.

If you bookmark a post, it's like adding it to a group of favorite posts, it helps you find these posts easily without scrolling through the entire feed.
For example, a parent may want to bookmark all the posts their child appears in. to do so, simply click on the three little dots in the top right corner of the post and click "bookmark".

Pinned posts are visible by all at the top of the timeline, however bookmarks are personal and each member will have their own bookmarked collection of posts that only they can see.
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