The Chat in Klassly

The chat is accessible on every version of Klassly, even the free one.
Only someone with the status of Administrator of the class can begin a private chat with other members of the class . Members without this status, mostly the students families, cannot initiate chats with teachers. This is mainly to protect teachers from potential harassment. Parents can "contact teachers" by selecting an option and filling out information to communicate clearly and efficiently. Teachers can respond to this request, suggest meeting times (virtual or in-person) or initiate a chat.
There is no limit to the number of participants you can add in a chat, but the more interactions there are, the more notifications you'll receive.
You can add or remove participants in a chat by clicking on the 3 little dots in the top right of the chat box.
Teachers can close the chat box anytime and this will end it for all participants. It will still be accessible to participants to view previous exchanges but they will no longer be able to interact.
The teacher can authorize members to initiate chats amongst themselves in the class setting.
You can learn more about managing the class settings in the article: How to manage your class settings.
In order for parents to begin chats with each other, they need to either have a prime membership or the class must have the Family comfort option added at the time of purchasing a subscription. you can find out more in the following articles:
What is the prime membership for families ? What is the family comfort option for class subscriptions ?
In any case, even if families have a prime membership they will only be able to initiate a chat if the teacher has authorized this in the settings of the class.

In order to respect privacy of all users, teachers do not have access to chats between members in which they were not included.
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