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Why is my subscription ending now?

When you sign up for a subscription it starts automatically from the moment you enter the license key code. The payment processing period is two months, so you can start using your new subscription and all features included immediately while we await payment to be processed. Once Payment goes through the subscription is extended to the end of your school year.

If it expires two months after you entered the license key code, this means payment wasn't processed.

When you sign-up multiple classes in the same school, it's easier to avoid overseeing any classes by creating a group invoice for the school rather than one per class.When you request an invoice, simply state how many classes you'll need a subscription for and that's the number of license keys you'll receive !

The two main reasons your subscription has expired before the end of the school year :
- Payment was not sent
- Payment was sent but not processed because the invoice reference wasn't forwarded properly. Sometimes the reference is forgotten (it starts with O00) or there was a typo and our automated system didn't recognize the invoice it needed to link the payment to properly.

Either way, the person responsible for sending payment should reach out to us, if it's your district, your principal, school admin or yourself, we are here to help.

If the bill wasn't paid :
- Inform those responsible for forwarding payment that the bill hasn't been paid within the two month trial period
- Email us to let us know there was a delay and we cane extend the trial period by a month so you aren't penalized.

If payment has already been sent :
- Ask those responsible for payment for the wire transfer information/receipt
- Email us with the wire transfer info and the invoice reference starting with O00. We will immediately extend your license while we investigate what has happened and why payment wasn't properly linked to the license key code. As soon as this is resolved your subscription will be extended to the end of the school year.

Updated on: 03/21/2022

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