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Data usage authorization when you join Klassly

At Klassroom we request consent for the processing of personal and sensitive data from our users when they open an account.

The legal definition of sensitive personal data is presented here. However this does not yet include data that will be present within the App.

There are free fields in Klassly, ie spaces in which users can enter the information they wish.
If a parent sends a message to the teacher to let them know that their child is sick and will be absent or that they are not eating pork gelatin, this is considered sensitive data.
The only sensitive data that will appear in Klassly will be those that you transmit personally.
Klassroom recommends that you do not communicate sensitive information on the app, however as this is made possible by the existence of free fields, we must obtain consent from you. Klassroom guarantees not to use this data, nor to carry out any registration of users, this data remains private between the member-users and the teachers (admin-users.
However, because these free fields exist in Klassly, the Ministry of French education requested we present to our users what sensitive data actually is and ask users for the authorization to permit them to share said information through the App.)

For these reasons, user authorization is required in order to use Klassly.

Klassly is committed to protecting this data and never monetizing it. All communications between teachers and families will remain private.

Updated on: 04/13/2021

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