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How do I change personal information in my account?

How do I change personal information in my account?

You can edit your profile picture, name, surname, address, email, your primary language of choice ...
The only thing you cannot edit is your phone number because that's your log-in identifier. If you change your phone number please contact us directly for support at this email HELLO@KLASSROOM.CO or in the chat on the bottom right of this page.

On your mobile App :

- Go to settings,

- Click on the section with your name and surname,

- Edit and save.

On the WebApp :

- Go to settings, click on the arrow on the right side of your name in the blue section all the way at the top of the page on the right side,

- In the drop down menu you can edit your name, surname, email, primary language, you can also edit your profile photo by clicking on the avatar on top of the page on the left side.

Your primary language is what enables automatic translation. If a member of the class has a different primary language they will have the option to see every message in their primary language of choice.

Updated on: 04/14/2021

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