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Is Klassly Free?

Is Klassly Free?

The App is freemium so there are in-App purchase options.
A class can be upgraded to one of 2 subscriptions,Basic or Full and unlock additional features.
A member of a class can also choose to support Klassly by adding a prime subscription individually and access additional features.
With a Prime membership, parents/grandparents/legal guardians/nannies/cousins… can initiate chats with other members of the class, this makes community building easier while protecting privacy because everything takes place on a private secure platform, not personal social media or phone numbers/emails. They can also download and save any picture or media the teacher posts on the timeline.
For more information about prime memberships look for our dedicated article.
For more information about class subscriptions, check out our website

Our business model is "freemium" which is more flexible for parents and teachers :
- Access to all information shared in the class by the teachers is guaranteed to be free for all family members, regardless of the status of their membership or class including in free versions.
- Teachers can immediately decide to start using klassly for free in their class, without any budget authorization from their school or the district.
- Parents and family members can access the class for free also. Those who choose to add a prime membership are actively supporting our App and the possibility for millions of parents to access these services and connect with their childrens' teachers. By keeping klassly free, we keep it as accessible as possible to as many as possible.

Ou business model respects the ethical principal of keeping education free and accessible.

Updated on: 08/31/2022

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