I am not receiving the code by text message on my cell-phone

Several things could be at the root of this issue:
- an error in your phone number: double check you enterred your number correctly, and selected the right area country code.
- a problem with your reception
- your phone operator or account is blocking reception of the code from the number from which we automatically send codes.

Some phone carriers give the option to refuse receiving commercial text messages or advertisements. If this is the case for you, you might have blocked reception of our code. If you are in Belgium you can check on this website http://payinfo.be if you've blocked commercial messages. Otherwise, we ask that you contact your phone operator.

If after checking all these points you still cannot receive a text message, contact us by email hello@klassroom.co or on the chat on the bottom right of this window so we can investigate with our phone operator who sends out the automatic codes.
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