How do I change the phone number linked to my account ?

In Klassly and on the Klassboard, your phone number is how you identify yourself and access your account.

You don't need to create a new account because you have a new phone number, if you do you will loose all the information in your previous classes.

The best thing to do is contact us by email and ask that we update your phone number.
For security reasons and to confirm your account, please let us know :
- Your previous phone number
- your new phone number
- the email linked to your account
- if you are a teacher: name of the class, school, location
- if you are a parent: first and last name and birthday of your child/children registered on klassly, as well as the teachers name, class, school, and location

Once we check the information you sent us, our team will update your phone number and you'll be able to access your old account and all the information and classes in Klassly with your new number.
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