Ending the school year with Klassly!

1) Should I close or delete my class?

The class will automatically close on the date you indicated as the last day of school when you created the class.
However in the settings you have the option to "close the class" or "delete the class".

Two different actions :
If you "Close the class" this means it's still accessible to members, there simply can be no more new actions or interactions in the class. But members can see past posts, photos, and still create a Klassbook from the contents of the class. The memories stay alive and visible.
(For more info about the klassbook, the custom yearbook in Klassly, check out our FAQs).
If you "Delete the class" this is not reversible. All the photos, videos, and work of your students will be definitely deleted.

We suggest "closing the class" instead of deleting it. Some teachers and parents may want to access the media to make a photobook or save as a keepsake. Much more colorful than a grade report ;)

2) Do family members with a monthly membership need to cancel their subscription?

Family members who have a monthly membership can choose to cancel their Prime subscription during the summer since class is not in session. They must do this from the app store through which they joined the membership. If they choose not to, that means they keep access to the class during the summer so they can download pictures and videos, and go over the school year, Home-works shared and events as they wish.

The prime membership gives access to the parent to every class their child is in with prime benefits. The unlocked features accompany them for that child regardless of which class they are in.
If a child is in several classes that use Klassly, general studies 3rd grade, the chess club on Wednesdays after school opened a klassly class, the after-school homework club also has a klassly... The parents who opened a prime membership can download the pictures and initiate private chats etc.
For more information about the prime membership check out our FAQ on the topic.

3) Can I start getting ready for the next school year? How?

If you already know which class you'll have next year, you can get ready for it on klassly :
Create a new class on klassly. Each year we have to start fresh with a new empty class. For security and privacy reasons, you cannot invite parents of your next class into this already existing class, otherwise they would have access to information, pictures and videos that are not theirs.

Download and print the letter to invite parents so you can hand it out on the first day of school. Check your spams if you don't see it in your inbox when you create the new class.

At your next meeting, end of the year PD or beginning of the year PD, invite your school leaders to use the klassboard to link all the classes on Klassly in the school and access the information. On the klassboard they can broadcast messages to the whole school and access any family in the school instantly for private chat or join videoconferences.
For more information on the klassboard check out our FAQs on the topic.

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