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Can Parents/Members Post on the timeline?

Can Parents/Members Post on the timeline?

Klassly prioritized clear and quality communication between schools and families.
We give the Teacher all the tools to manage the class, the teacher who create the class is the Owner and has access to edit all settings, including changing status and rights of the other members.
ALL TEACHERS can post on the timeline and in the Klasswork.

The owner can change the status of any member to "administrator" (to have all access and rights) or "contributor" (so they can post on the timeline).

Which means, if you have a PTA representative in your class and they'd like to broadcast messages on the timeline to all the parents of the class, or a parent who is the designated field-trip coordinator or accompanier and always takes great photos of the kids, you may want to give them the possibility to post on the timeline.
This is as the teachers discretion, you can communicate with the class you have taken this decision and only specific parents will be granted access for specific communication reasons.
We suggest limiting access to the timeline to keep communication clear and maintain general control of your classes virtual space, but having support from family members you trust can be beneficial!

All other members of the class who are family members, guardians, or responsible for the children have either the status of "member" (Teachers can allow them to comment and react to post , request contact, privately chat and exchange documents...) or "invisible" (can only see what is posted but has no possibility to interact, ideal for extended family who simply want to follow the childrens' activities in school)

Learn more about the chat and about the different statuses in Klassly

Updated on: 05/17/2021

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