Student list - How to create a group to communicate with specific students only (on the timeline and/or in the Klasswork)

With the full package class subscription, teachers have access to all the features available in Klassly, including advanced management of groups.

- Under the management section in class settings there is a "groups" option.

Teachers can decide if the group is visible or private.
If it is private, only teachers and administrators will have access to the group and families won't see the name of the group.

- You create a group by selecting the students who are a part of it and naming the group.
- Once a group is made, you will see the option with every new post or new homework posted in the klasswork, to share with "all members" or with a specific "group".
- When you select a group, only the parents/grown-ups members of the class linked to students in that group will see the post or homework you are sharing.

Groups are great in classes with multiple levels, or if students in the class are participating in different activities or field trips, you can share homework of various levels without parents knowing what group their students are in or seeing the other assignments.

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