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Should I create a new class for the new school year?

Should I create a new class for the new school year?

For every new group of students, you should create a new class in your Klassly App.
If you are preparing to receive a new group of students, you should offer them a brand new virtual space.

For practical reasons: To keep communications clear and organized. It's a new school year, the posts and messages you shared the previously are of no interest to the parents of your new group of students
For technical reasons : There is limited storage on the app, if you use the same space for several classes, you could end up out of space. Starting with a new class ensures plenty of space for the whole year.
For legal reasons : Using the same class over several years with different families goes against our data protection rules: Information, data and media form the previous year becomes available to a new group of adults, when they should be deleted 6 months after the year end (the date you set as the last day of school). Data concerning children should not be kept longer than necessary, so doing so goes against regulations of the RGDP.

Why hesitate ? Creating a new class only takes a few seconds. We even have a
to show you in less than a minute, and it will only take families a few seconds to join,

Updated on: 07/24/2021

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