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How do I blur a face in a picture?

How do I blur a face in a picture?

Let's check out this little tutorial video:

In order to respect privacy, on klassly from the mobile app you can blur a face and edit any photos when you post them, add filters, effects, stickers, draw, crop, resize, add text, emojis, ...
If ever a childs family has not turned in the "photo authorization form" (available in resources on our website) then we recommend you blur their face until you are certain parental consent is clear for sharing pictures and videos with the class.

This feature is only available on the mobile app, not on your desktop, on the webApp. There are many free editing tools available on computers to edit pictures before posting them.

Blurring a face is simple !
- Add a picture to your post.
- Click on the crayon symbol on the corner of the image,
- Click on "Blur Face"
- move the blurred frame over the desired face and extend or reduce the size to cover properly faces you wish.
- If needed, you can add multiple blur frames in one picture.

There are many other ways you can edit your photos, don't hesitate to explore and have fun !

Updated on: 05/17/2021

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