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How can parents send me docs/videos/pictures/files/audio recordings... ?

How can parents send me docs/videos/pictures/files/audio recordings... ?

Parents can send you any file in the private chat, however only you can initiate a private chat. They can send you a request asking how to send you a document, and you can as a response open a chat and let them know to forward it there.
The best is to open a private chat with each family if you've requested docs from the whole class at specific times in the school year.
You may think it's easier to open one chat with everybody in the class so they can all forward a doc you requested at once, just be aware this will cause a lot more notifications for every member of the class, and make the conversation a little more complicated to manage as each participant can then chat, comment, respond to each other... You'll have to scroll through to find information.

If you choose the unlimited subscription for the class, you have advanced features in the Klasswork. So for every homework you assign in your class, you can request that students parents can submit a response as a doc, pdf file, image, take a video or picture of their work, or even record a voice memo. Teachers can mark the homework as received and even send notes for improvement, correct the work and grade it (letter grade, points or percentage) directly in the app.

Updated on: 08/02/2021

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