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How can a district covers the subscription costs?

How can a district covers the subscription costs?

Districts can cover the cost of subscriptions to klassly for any number of schools or classes if they wish to enable premium features for.

- The district leader, technology coordinator or any representative can begin by requesting a quote on our website by clicking on the "Let's go" button of the subscription offer they are interested in.
- The quote will be sent by email so it can be submitted for approval for the number of classes concerned.
- Once approved by the district, please click "validate the invoice" on the document and you will be redirected to complete the transaction on our website.
- You can forward the invoice to the concerned department for payment, and you will receive the "class keys", codes for each class! Share them with Teachers to input their class key in their free version of klassly and benefit from all included features depending on the chosen subscription. Class keys can be used right away and will be valid for maximum 2 months to allow some time for payment.
As soon as payment is received the class keys will stay valid for the rest of the year.
The subscriptions will be valid for 12 months from the date the teacher inputs the key.

For any additional information feel free to reach out to us directly:

When you provide payment make sure to include the reference number provided on your invoice.

Updated on: 07/05/2021

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