A parent has joined my class with a teacher status, What should I do?

When a Member sends the request to join your class they choose their status. The teacher needs to make sure members are requesting to join with the right status.
If not, make sure you refuse the request.
Family members must join the class as the parent, guardian, uncle/aunt etc so they can have the child which is student in the class properly linked to them upon joining the class.
You can explain to parents why you did not accept them and invite them to request joining again with the right status.

If you accidentally accepted a member with the wrong status, ask them to leave the class and join again with the right status. You can refer them to this article:
How to leave a class

You may want to change their status yourself in the "members" tab to manage members of the class. DO NOT! This will cause limitations for the member in terms of their rights as a parent and link with the child that is a student. For example when they want to warn the teacher about an absence, they can't do it through the contact request sheet system set up for families to communicate with teachers.
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