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What happens when I delete my class or when my class ends?

What happens when I delete my class or when my class ends?

When you create a class you choose an end date. You can edit this date in the class settings in the drop down menu of the class.

At that date, the class will automatically end, meaning it will be frozen. You will no longer be able to post, members won't be able to comment or react, or send requests... For 6 months the class will remain accessible to view for all the members. Which gives a little time to anyone who would like to create a Klassbook (custom photo book made from the pictures and posts in the klassly timeline).
After 6 months it will be permanently deleted from our servers.

You can also manually delete your class in klassly by clicking on the three little dots in the top right corner of the class on your welcome page.
If you accidentally delete a class, reach out to us immediately so we can cancel the deletion asap!

We recommend not to delete a class. Members may want to look through the timeline at the end of the school year and gather memories. You may need to go back and find an activity you shared with families. Review docs you shared, which projects had the most reactions.
Don't worry, this data will never be shared, sold or rented in any way, we do not monetize our users private data.

Updated on: 04/27/2021

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