How to purchase or input a license key already purchased to upgrade your subscription

In the left hand menu on the webApp, or by clicking on the drop down menu in your mobile app (three bars in the top right corner),
you will see the status of your current account "Klassly free".

Click on the status and the subscription offers appear with the options to purchase or input a license key.

If you already have purchased a license key, or your school or district has done so to upgrade your klassly account, then click on "I already have a license key" at the bottom and enter your code.

You should immediately see the status of your subscription has changed.

If you'd like to start using advanced features today and the school said they were going to cover the costs, you can choose the option "Request my school to pay within 30 days" and they will receive an invoice, so you can enjoy the klasswork and other advanced settings immediately!
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