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Can I completely stop parents/members from downloading pictures I post on Klassly?

Can I completely stop parents/members from downloading pictures I post on Klassly?

It's impossible to really completely stop members of your class to download photos you post on the timeline.

What you post is stored on private servers and only accessible and visible to those who went through the 3-step verification process to be members of the class.
However with a free or basic account for the class, Parents and members who have access to the timeline, can join a prime subscription privately to download anything you post on the timeline individually and/or take screenshots.
With an unlimited subscription, all members of the class can download what you post, it's an included bonus feature.
So it is impossible to say the posts you share will not be saved by parents.

For these reasons, we decided to inform families about image rights and ask teachers to share an "image consent and release form" at the beginning of the school year.
We want families in your class to know the importance of respecting each others privacy and formally consent to you posting images, videos or works from your child, this is why we ask that you share the “image consent and release form” from Klassly, where they agree never to share publicly what you shared in the privacy of your klassly timeline.

Image rights are a concern for all your online platforms, school website, social media, any other app you might use in school. For this reasons, at Klassroom we find it best to inform our users and ask for knowledgeable consent as an extra step in digital awareness and responsibility. What is shared for school purposes should never be leaked onto parents private social media, and asking families to agree and sign a consent form can save you from potential mis-steps later in the year.

Updated on: 08/02/2021

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