Is my prime membership shared with other members of my family who are a part of the class?

The prime membership is per child to help you follow their school life, so any other member that is also linked to that child in their class will benefit from the prime membership also. There is no limit to how many caretakers or grownups a child can have to support their academic growth.

If grandma, uncle, auntie, a cousin, legal guardian or anyone else is helping with homework for example and has joined the class too, they will also enjoy the prime benefits you subscribed for in klassly.

We've created the prime membership so it is as economical as possible for you. One subscription per child can be used by any number of family members who join klassly and are linked to that child.

How does it work? A Prime membership is linked to a child. In your subscription options, on the settings page of your account, you can manage which child is covered by the prime membership.

If one of the childs' grownups somehow isn't getting any access to the prime subscription, it's most likely due to a mistake when signing up. The information each grownup inputs for the child has to match up exactly so they can all be linked to the same profile. A typo or wrong birthday will create a duplicate of the child and you won't have access to the subscription. This is also a problem for the teacher who will have the same student twice in their student list.

Find out which grown up made the mistake in your settings, in the information of your child and see what isn't matching up.
The easiest is for the adult who didn't subscript to the prime membership to leave the class and come back, and add a new child at sign-up by enterring the exact same information the adult with prime has given.

If you want to know more about the prime membership, check out the article on the topic! and if you need any help, email us at !
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