How do I cancel my prime subscription ?

You can subscribe to a prime membership on your app,, the Apple Store or Google Play Store

You have until the day before automatic renewal to cancel a` subscription otherwise it starts over for a new period. For yearly renewals you should receive a warning by email beforehand if you aren't using your subscription.

You must cancel the subscription on the same platform you joined. If you don't remember where that was, ask our support team by email :)

To end a subscription on the Apple Store :

- Go to the settings on your apple device (phone, tablet...) and click on your name
- Go to your Apple ID on top of the screen
- Click on subscriptions
- Select the one you want to alter
- Select as you need to manage said subscription.

In your list of subscriptions, if it says "Klassly subscription will renew on..." this means it has not been cancelled, however if it says "expires on..." this means it will not be renewed.

To end a subscription on the Google Play Store :

- Go to your Google Play Store App.
- Go to Menu > My Apps > My subscriptions. Click on the subscription you wish to cancel.
- Click "cancel", and "confirm".

To end a subscription on the webApp :

- Log-in
- Go to settings

- In the left hand bar select "subscriptions".
- Click on the subscription.
- Select as you need to manage said subscription.
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