What is the Prime subscription for families ?

Klassly Prime is an add-on subscription option for families.

Klassly Prime includes :
- Everything that's included in the class subscription (free, basic or unlimited)
- Access to all posts on the webApp with no time restrictions (Currently in Free or basic classes, families only see the last 2 weeks of post for storage reasons, with a prime subscription or in the unlimited class subscription there are no limits)
- The option to initiate private chats with other members of the class, families, parents, guardians... this helps create community outside of the classroom and support each other in providing your children with the best education possible.
- Download any media the teacher posted on the timeline (photos, videos, audio..)
- If you choose a yearly prime subscription you also benefit from a promotional price on the Klassbook (your custom yearbook made from klassly posts)

The prime subscriptions parents can choose to add costs:
for a full year:
24.99€/year for 1 child
44,99€/year for 2 children
59,99€/year for 3 or more children
month to month with no obligations:
3,49€/month for 1 child
6,49€/month for 2 children
8,99€/month for 3 or more children

To subscribe simply click on the status of your subscription in the menu bar of your app or on the webApp, and follow the steps.

For more details on subscribing check out our dedicated article.
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