I'd like to cancel my consent for my childs image rights in the app

If you answered the image rights release consent form (where you authorize photos, works, videos of your child to be shared within klassly and each member of the class agrees to keep all media within the class private) your teacher gave you and changed your mind on your answer you can either :
Officially communicate this to the teacher with a formal letter, the teacher will have a period of time to remove or edit all posts where your child appears if you want them removed.
Contact us by email: Support@klassroom.co with the following documents :
- A formal request to remove your childs image. (Find an example here proposé par la CNIL)
- Proof of your ID
- Proof you are the legal guardian of the child
- First and last name, email, phone number used for your klassly account
- The class key of the class this is for

Once we receive a complete formal request, we can ask the teacher to remove all media showing the child or their work.

Klassroom protects your data and respects your choices and privacy. More informations is available on our website.
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