How does Klassly work for split households?

In Klassly, each parent or grown-up creates their own account.
This insures parent-teacher exchanges remain confidential, and data is secure.
Hence, in split households, each parent has their own separate access to the class, any exchange they have with the teacher remains private and innaccessible to the other parent.

A prime subscription is per child/per class, so any adult linked to that child in that class will benefit from the features of a prime subscription even if they are separated, it's a family subscription.

The KYS (Know Your Student) questions that parents have the option of filling out is visible by all adults linked to a child. Both parents can see what the other has answered, there is one questionnaire per student, and only the teacher and linked adults can see the answers. This helps teacher with differentiated teaching, and knowing their students better with the information from family members.
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