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Broadcast a message to timelines from the Klassboard

Broadcast a message from the Klassboard

First, you need to have a Klassboard set up, with so check out the article on how to do so if you're not ready yet ;)

In the left menu bar, click "broadcast message".

You'll be asked if you want to Broadcast a Media message on select Klassly timelines you've linked to your Klassboard or send mass SMS text messages!

Now enter the details :
1 - The title will help you find this post easily later on if you need to look at previously sent messages ,
2 - Select the classes where you want your message to appear,
3 - Type your message.

You even see a preview of what the message looks like for families.

All steps must be confirmed in green for the send button to be available to send out the message. Once you're satisfied, click send!

You can attach as much media as in Klassly, voice recording, videos, photos, links...

Updated on: 08/31/2022

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