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I ordered a Klassbook, what do I do next?

I ordered a Klassbook, what do I do next?

Thank you for ordering a Klassbook when the message popped up on your Klassly timeline. Now you need to generate and edit your photo book!

To generate the book, click the Validate button on the top of the timeline in your childs Klassly class.

If the class has closed, or ended, go to the closed classes tab. On the welcome page of the app where the classes you have joined appear, you are in the "active classes" tab, simply switch to the "closed classes" tab at the top of the page in the blue banner.

Now you're in the validation process of the book, you can click on photos to edit them or delete them, switch photos, or adjust cropping.

When the book meets your expectations, preview it as a pdf. This is a mandatory step to make sure the printout which matches the pdf will be satisfactory. Make sure you take the time to go through the pdf so you know what to expect.

Validate the book and it is sent off to print!

Our Printing press associates will take care of printing and shipping the photo books. Usually it will take 6-10 work days in France but can take up to 15 days depending on the season (last days of school there are increased demands).

You'll get a notification when the printing is done and the shipping begins so you can track it's arrival!

As soon as your order is confirmed you can download a free pdf version of your book to keep a digital copy.

The Klassbook tool will generate a book with as many memories as possible. If you tag your child in the pictures on the timeline, pictures they appear in will be prioritized in the automatic creation of the photo book, so it can truly be personalized. Don't hesitate to tag along the year or go back through memory lane and tag the best moments they participated in.

It's not too late to tag, simply click on the pictures on the posts and they will open up, at the bottom center of each picture you can "tag your kid"

You can see all photos of the class by going to the menu of the class, go to photos and videos and tag your child as you go through all of them.

Make sure you TAG BEFORE you AUTO-GENERATE the photo book so the tags are taken into account. If you already had generated a book before tagging, request the algorythm to make a new one by clicking on the three little dots that were in the posts on the klassbook thats on your childs klassly classes timeline.

If you want to edit and personalize your Klassbook in more details, there is an advanced editor tool in the klassbook tab in the app where the book will appear and you can take the time to really make it your own.

Updated on: 08/25/2022

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