Who pays for a subscription?

Klassroom offers many options for covering costs of subscriptions to Klassly for classes or schools.
It can be covered by :
- The district
- School Coop
- Parent Teacher Associations
- The School
- A teacher individually
In these cases, our class subscription options are available on our pricing page https://klassroom.co/price

If a class uses the free version of Klassly, Family members who join the class also have the option to support klassly and unlock additional features on the App by subscribing to a [prime membership].
24.99€/year for 1 child
44,99€/year for 2 children
59,99€/year for 3 or more children
3,49€/month for 1 child
6,49€/month for 2 children
8,99€/month for 3 or more children
With a Prime membership, parents/grandparents/legal guardians/nannies/cousins… can initiate chats with other members of the class, this makes community building easier and protects privacy. They can also download and save any picture or media the teacher posts on the timeline.

You DO NOT need a subscription to use the app, it can be used free of charge. The Free version of the app offers all features necessary to communicate and create lasting links between school and homes. Teachers and families can use the App or the WebApp klass.ly to see everything posted on the timeline, see assignments in the klasswork and interact with posts and the teachers. Our core values include inclusivity and accessibility.
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