If I choose a subscription for my class, do parents have to pay anything?

When you choose an Unlimited subscription for your class you are enabling several features that the parents will benefit from at no cost to them!
for details on each feature check out our website. . The unlimited subscription gives access to everything the app has to offer to teachers, principals and families.

If you choose the free or basic subscription, parents will have the option of individually adding a prime subscription to their account so they can chat with other members (if enabled by the teacher) and download any media posted on the timeline. (PDFs and media in the klasswork is available to download with the free and basic subscription for free of course).
The prime subscriptions parents can choose to add individually costs:
24.99€/year for 1 child
44,99€/year for 2 children
59,99€/year for 3 or more children
3,49€/month for 1 child
6,49€/month for 2 children
8,99€/month for 3 or more children

Additional Features include:
- Download pictures and videos from the timeline (in the Klasswork it is free)
- initiate private chats with other members of the class (if teachers enabled this).
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